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About Radio Karma®️

Additional Info

RADIO KARMA®️ has been reinventing itself and from a 5 piece cover band it turned into the first "Electro-Acoustic Pop-Trio".

RADIO KARMA®️ incorporates the strong live sound of an acoustic rhythm section (Drums & Bass), the wide gama range of a Vocalist and the power of technology (Self Produced, Backing Sequences) to make it possible to perform all music generas across the board but, under sets of carefully selected popular hits.

Radio Karma is... "THE NEXT GENERATION TROVA®️".   

Sample & Social

RADIO KARMA®️ is a live music cover band that provides live entertainment for all events at any level required. DANCE for a party, LOUNGE for  Home Gathering, LISTENING for a Restaurant/Bar. RK's musical repertory is unique and enormous with at least one song per almost every genera of music in existence. Crowd Interactive & charismatic Vocalist, professional musicians, compact setting, high end, powerful but discrete sound system and professional administration.